Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Family Reunion 2013

First of all, can you believe 2013 is almost over?? I swear, these years are just flying right by.

Secondly, I just wanna apologize for being so inactive on this blog.

I have no legitimate excuses to rationalize my behavior. It was laziness, pure and simple.

Anyway, this weekend was a mini-family reunion for my husband's family.

Five siblings together in one place. Lots of fun. Lots of kids, Masha'Allah. Lots of chaos. A whole lotta noise and craziness. But Alhumdulillah, I really do love when we all get together. Cousins make the best of friends and I am super grateful for my kids to experience that.

We planned on just driving to my sister-in-law's house {which is a three hour drive from us} and spend the day and then come back home at night. But we ended up spending the night and the rest of Monday with everyone.

We got out on the road around 8:30, which is a small miracle for us!
Despite all the noise and shenanigans the children do in the car, I really do love road trips with my family. 

 The girls with some of their cousins.

 Maymunah going for a ride.

 The girls had a great time playing outside with all their cousins.
Love this picture of Zainab.

 This one.
Cried all the time to be taken outside with the older kids.

Had to include this picture.
You know, in case anyone was under the false impression that she was on her best behavior.

My sister-in-law's amazing turkey dinner. 
My husband made me snap this picture. Even though I was too embarrassed to in front of everyone. Husbands of bloggers. They just know, even if we are too embarrassed to do it, inside, we are dying to take that picture. ;) 

So, now that I'm blogging again, does that mean regular updates??? Still wouldn't count on it! :P

Thanks to family and friends for subtly and not-so-subtly reminding me to update.

You'll forgive me though, right? Cuz you love me? :D


  1. Finally!!!! I've been waiting for you to update!
    Seems like you guys had a blast! Has your youngest daughter's hair gotten darker?

    1. Just like I wait on pins and needles for you to update ;)

      Yes, sadly, it is getting darker :(

  2. Ofcourse we do.

    hahaha I can feel your embarrasment.

    glad to read your having good times


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